Davis Community Mourns Death of Rookie Officer Natalie Corona

DAVIS -- The city of Davis is in anguish after one its police officers was shot multiple times after responding to a traffic accident.

Twenty-two-year-old Natalie Corona was gunned down reportedly by someone who was not involved with the accident.

The suspect was found early Friday morning in a home nearby. He apparently committed suicide

Officer Corona was reportedly gunned down on 5th Street, just a couple of blocks from the University of California, Davis campus, as well as City Hall. After a lengthy investigation, police were still not ready to give more details of what happened.

What is clear, however, is how it affected the community.

Investigators worked all morning at the scene of the shooting with the vehicles involved in the crash that drew officer Corona still in place.

Homicide detectives from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department took charge of the case, scouring the house where the suspect was found shot to death, apparently by his own hand.

Dozens of mourners dropped flowers at the police department and were just as confused as the police.

Lt. Paul Doroshov with the Davis Police Department said, “We don’t know the motivation at this point. We’re still trying to figure that out.”

But it was clear that the death of Officer Corona heavily affected the small university town.

“Devastating, she was a new officer. She was very well-liked throughout the department. She was just an outstanding, positive person with a great work ethic and a real loss to the community, really,” Doroshov said.

Gloria Partida, a Davis resident, brought flowers to the shooting scene. Like most mourners, she did not know Officer Corona.

“It’s tough for the community and it’s tough for anyone who can relate to how much hope there is in someone who is that young,” Partida said.

Nick Valverde is part of a student fellowship group at the Newman Center right where the shooting happened. He said he heard about, “20 shots, 25 shots."

Two dozen people hunkered down in a room for hours during an intense house to house manhunt. They heard loudspeakers hours later outside a house a few blocks away.

“All we heard was the police talking to him, saying, 'Get out with your hands up. We just want to talk, no weapons,’ whatever,” Valverde said.

Then, there was nothing for a couple hours until suddenly there was a loud boom.

“That one final bang that came out of nowhere, it sounded very much like a gunshot,” Valverde said.

More likely a flashbang explosive police use before entering a building.

“He was found deceased with what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Doroshov said.

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