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Woodland Woman Describes Chaos, Uncertainty as Shooting Scene in Davis Unfolded

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DAVIS -- Carrie Ann Houdeshell is still shaken up after coming close to tragedy Thursday night in Davis.

“I saw the fire truck sitting there and then I looked to my right and I saw all these officers sitting at the corner of 5th and D,” she said. “It was foggy, it was dark and I was really confused by what I saw.”

She was headed to her car to pick up her son from a Boy Scouts meeting at Davis Community Church when she unknowingly found herself near a tragedy unfolding just a block away.

Rookie Davis police Officer Natalie Corona had been ambushed and killed while responding to a three-vehicle crash.

“Then I heard the first pop. I thought, ‘What is that? That seems weird.’ And then I heard, ‘pop, pop’ and I just went running,” Houdeshell said.

She ran toward the church with her son inside.

“I just wanted to get down to where he was and as I was running towards him I looked up across towards d street and I saw these officers running down D Street and there was yelling and there was gunfire,” she said.

Once inside, Houdeshell says she told everyone to get down to the basement and that's where they stayed until police told them to come out.

But what happened next was even more chilling for Houdeshell.

“When I went to unlock the car it started beeping like someone had tried to break in,” she told FOX40. “My son opened the door and that’s when we realized there was a bullet through the driver’s side window.”

She realized just how close she came to being hurt -- or worse -- in that shooting.

Houdeshell and her son flagged down an officer who took their keys and said her car was now evidence.

She adds while they're still processing what happened, they're also heartbroken, like much of Davis, that Officer Corona was killed.

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