Suspect in Natalie Corona’s Death Left Note Accusing Davis PD of Hitting Him with ‘Ultrasonic Waves’

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DAVIS -- Davis police confirmed a typed letter was found inside suspected gunman Kevin Limbaugh's home.

The 48-year-old was the man police say killed Davis Officer Natalie Corona.

They say they believe the suspect left it on the bed face up for officers to find after he took his own life. The note found in his home reads in part, “The Davis police are hitting me with ultrasonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking.”

The suspect went on to say in his note, “I notified the press, Internal Affairs, and even the FBI” and that “he can’t live this way anymore.”

“He wasn’t on the radar as somebody who was continuously calling in, expressing hate for us,” said Davis Police spokesman Lt. Paul Doroshov.

Inside the suspect's Davis home, detectives also found two semi-automatic handguns, a 9 mm and a .45-caliber, with one partially hidden in a shoe.

“As far as the firearms that we have found, as far as we know he has no firearms registered to him at this time,” Doroshov said.

Court documents show Limbaugh was arrested by the sheriff’s department for assaulting a coworker at the Cache Creek Casino Resort back in September. Davis police say he was charged with felony aggravated battery but that was later brought down to a misdemeanor.

At the time, Limbaugh was ordered by the court to give up all firearms, including an AR-15 he later turned in to police.

“That rifle was then, I don’t know if it was destroyed, but it was out of his hands. And he later went back to court to submit the paperwork that he had done so,” Doroshov stated.

A representative from Cache Creek went on to say Limbaugh was an employee but was terminated after the September altercation.

They went on to issue sympathies for Officer Corona's family saying her death was an “incredible, senseless tragedy.”

It’s unclear at this time who the two firearms located inside the suspect's home were registered to. That’s something investigators say they are working to figure out.

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