Former Co-Worker of Suspected Davis Gunman Says Limbaugh ‘Seemed Like a Normal Guy’

DAVIS -- As Davis mourns the loss of 22-year-old Officer Natalie Corona, more information about the man police say killed her is surfacing.

Court documents show Kevin Limbaugh was arrested in September of 2018 for assaulting a fellow employee at Cache Creek Casino Resort.

Sunday, one of his former coworkers at the casino spoke with FOX40 about the suspected killer.

Stephen Hjellum says he worked with the suspect for roughly two years and, by all accounts, Limbaugh seemed like just another normal guy. It’s why he was shocked to hear his former co-worker is suspected of killing Officer Corona.

“I saw the picture when it came to the story … and I was in shock. My jaw dropped,” Hjellum recalled.

He learned that Limbaugh was a suspect while watching the evening news.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I worked with him for two years,’” he exclaimed. “I’m a cigarette smoker so I’d meet him out on the employee smoking area and we talked and he seemed like just a normal guy.”

They’d talk politics and share stories until Limbaugh was fired in September.

In a statement, Cache Creek Casino confirmed Limbaugh “was an employee of Cache Creek Casino Resort who was involved in an altercation in September 2018. The incident was reported to the Sheriff’s Office and the suspect’s employment ended immediately thereafter. We cannot offer any further details on this personnel matter."

Court records show Limbaugh was facing a felony charge for battery with serious bodily injury from the incident. The charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor through a plea agreement.

Limbaugh pleaded no contest and was ordered to surrender his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in November.

However, police found two semi-automatic weapons in Limbaugh’s home after investigators say he killed Officer Corona and took his own life.

“The only thing I can do now is pray for his soul and pray that Natalie is able to forgive him wherever she may be,” Hjellum expressed.

When police found Limbaugh’s body, they also found a note in his home. It reads, “the Davis police are hitting me with ultrasonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking.” He goes on to say, “I notified the press, Internal Affairs, and even the FBI” and that “I can’t live this way anymore.”

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