Stockton Man Tracks Down Driver who Hit His Neighbor’s Car and Left the Scene

STOCKTON -- A hit-and-run crash was caught on camera in North Stockton.

It happened in the Spanos Park neighborhood near the intersection of Lonnie Beck Way and Muir Woods Avenue, across from Baxter Park.

A neighbor posted the video to the Ring Neighbors app and shared some details on the crash with FOX40.

Jerry Syrovatka says he was just being a good neighbor when he jumped into action to help police catch the suspected driver of the vehicle that crashed.

“I got involved right away. Neighbors got to do that,” said Syrovatka.

The security camera he put up in a tree in his front yard captured the hit-and-run crash.

“That night it was about 2 o'clock in the morning and we heard a crash and right away we all looked at each other and said, ‘Something's wrong,’” Syrovatka stated. “So, I threw on my pants, I didn't throw on no shoes or anything, and came outside and seen the guy taking off.”

The video shows a car suddenly veer left and slam into a parked car outside Syrovatka’s neighbor's home, spinning the vehicle around. Then that driver slowly backed up and drove away.

“So, I followed the oil trail down the street and found his car. And then come back to my neighbor and told him, ‘Hey, your car has been hit,’” Syrovatka said.

He says after waking his neighbor they called police.

Stockton police confirmed they are investigating the crash.

When asked why he got involved, Syrovatka says he couldn't let that driver get away with it.

“As a Christian, it says you're supposed to look out for your neighbor and that’s exactly what I wanted to do was look out for my neighbor. He's been a good neighbor,” Syrovatka expressed.

He says he's glad he could help and he hopes his actions will inspire others.

“I just hope that everybody in the neighborhood looks out for each other,” Syrovatka said.

Stockton police have not yet said whether that hit-and-run driver was arrested.

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