Neighbor Describes Helping Save Child from Burning Vacaville Home

VACAVILLE -- After investigators say he stabbed two people and set his home on fire, 37-year-old Nathaniel Holland was shot and killed by Vacaville police.

Police said Holland stabbed a K-9 in a creek bed Monday night near Mason and Depot streets.

While officers searched for Holland, a 4-year-old had to be rescued from the burning home.

"I hear some screaming," neighbor Ken Sisk recalled. "I see the smoke, come back in and have my wife call 911 and I run over there and see if I can help."

Several children were standing outside, calling out a little girl's name.

"It was chaos. Kids were everywhere and they said, 'My little sister's in there,'" Sisk told FOX40.

Sisk says he tried to get in through the front door.

"The smoke was so acrid. It just floored me," he said. "There were flames and I couldn't get in."

So Sisk ran to the back of the home and broke through a sliding glass door.

"I opened it up, by that time, a 12-year-old little boy showed up back there, and the same thing, the smoke hit us again and the flames, and I said, 'Where would your sister be in this house?' He said, 'She’d be in that bedroom next to us,'" Sisk said.

Sisk says he moved fast to break out the bedroom window. At the same time, the boy ran into the home.

"And I hear the boy say, 'I got her, I got her.' So I went back to the door and he was maybe a step inside holding her foot," Sisk told FOX40. "I said, 'Let me have her,' I came and snatched her up and that was it."

Although he risked his life, Sisk says he didn't think twice about running into the burning home. He adds that the 12-year-old boy is the real hero.

Of the kids involved in Monday evening's events, the 4-year-old and 16-year-old are recovering in the hospital, along with their mother.

The other kids, including the boy who helped save his sister, have been placed in protective custody.

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