Space for Homeless Considered Behind Turlock Gospel Mission

TURLOCK — It’s now an empty dirt lot, but city leaders hope to transform the space behind the Turlock Gospel Mission into housing for the homeless.

Many of the city’s homeless support the plan.

“Yeah, it’s an awesome idea,” Jason Freitas, who is homeless, told FOX40.

There are about 200 people living without housing in Turlock.

“Have a place for the homeless individuals in our community to set up a tent,” Turlock Gospel Mission development officer Jaquelyne Reece said. “Have a space where they won’t be asked to take their belongings away.”

Leaders with the faith-based organization are also on board.

“Definitely a big step, it’s nothing that we’ve done before but it’s exciting. It’s a good opportunity for us to provide some relief,” Reece said.

But first, a city representative says funding would need to be secured. Bathrooms and other logistics would also need to be worked out. City officials expect to discuss the plan in the next few days.

Neighbors speaking to FOX40 off-camera say round the clock security is a must.

“We want the safety of the neighborhood, as well as the individuals staying there, so we want to address each of those issues,” Reece said.

For Freitas, providing services is also a necessity.

“There’s gotta be some kind of structure of case management,” he said. “Because everybody is on the streets for different reasons.”

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