Residents ‘Being Proactive’ as Storm Hits the Region

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SACRAMENTO -- Some homeowners in Sacramento didn’t wait for the rain to fall to start getting prepared Wednesday.

John Portman and Regina Evans took the proactive approach over the reactive, filling 20 sandbags to prevent flooding in their home.

"Her garage floods, so we’re going to divert the rain, hopefully, into the drain instead of in the garage," Portman told FOX40.

Lucelina Arias-Melende had the same idea and came out to a sandbag filling station to steer clear of any rain-related headaches.

"I figure I'd get it together before the rain comes," Arias-Melende said.

The rain, combined with heavy wind gusts, could prove problematic for some areas. People are bracing for possible downed trees and debris in their neighborhoods.

"I would say trim back whatever trees necessary," Arias-Melende recommended. "I just drove through my neighborhood and a lot of people I see have ... unless they did it over the weekend ... have already trimmed a lot of their trees down. So they're being proactive."

Concerns outside the home included the roads. The brunt of the strom was expected just in time for the evening rush hour.

"This is going to occur probably during the commute hours, which means people are going to be driving home in heavy rains and wind," said Matt Robinson with the Sacramento County Department of Transportation. "So we need people to stay cautious on the roads and make sure they are careful of the drivers ahead of them and around them."

Transportation officials with Sacramento County have been monitoring road conditions all day long and will continue to do so well into the night.

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