TSA Workers Affected by Shutdown Protest Outside Sac International

SACRAMENTO -- TSA agents working out of the Sacramento International Airport, among the roughly 400,000 federal employees nationwide, were hoping the partial government shutdown would have come to an end before missing their first paychecks.

For many local TSA workers, payday was Tuesday. Now, federal workers are feeling a direct impact of the shutdown -- having to work without pay.

Wednesday, the American Federation of Government Employees organized protests outside airports across the U.S.

"What does it mean when you’re going to work every day and you’re not getting paid? It means missed childcare payments, missed car payments," AFGE spokesman Ian Hoffman said. "It means finding anything you can to make ends meet. It means driving Uber, driving Lyft, in some cases it means selling plasma. That's a disgrace and that's an outrage."

One union official who represents federal corrections officers said many have long commutes and are considering driving to work and sleeping in their cars instead of going home because they want to save on gas money without their paychecks coming in.

The partial government shutdown hit its 26th day on Wednesday.

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