Police: Teen Hid as His Former Friends Broke Into Manteca Home

MANTECA -- A Manteca teen was forced to hide in his own home as two people broke in after school.

Police swarmed the Manteca neighborhood to catch two suspected teenage burglars.

"I thought maybe the people inside had guns or something," said neighbor Sheri Gintir.

Neighbors said they were scared and were told to stay indoors while police surrounded another neighbor's home on the Mezene Place Wednesday afternoon.

"A juvenile was home from school and he heard a back window break," said Manteca police Lt. Stephen Schluer. "Went downstairs and saw what appeared to be, what he thought was someone burglarizing his house so he ran upstairs, hid and called 911."

Schluer said officers were there in less than five minutes.

"They were going through and looking for specific items, jewelry, money. And they were finding it and taking it and putting it out to take and leave with," Schluer said.

Police said they threatened to send in a police K-9 when the first teen suspect surrendered.

"They were yelling over here, telling somebody to get down, and the guy had a big, sort of assault looking rifle. The police officer, the police officer did, and he kept telling him to get down," Gintir told FOX40.

Officers went inside and found the second teen suspect hiding under a bed.

Both were arrested and taken to juvenile hall. They were charged with residential burglary.

Investigators said they teenage suspects were former friends of the teen hiding in the home.

"They knew that he may have or the family possibly had money, jewelry, et cetera," Schluer said. "They actually called the victim ahead of time and said, 'Hey, what are you doing? Are you home?' He thought that was weird and said, 'No, I'm not home,' and then they proceeded to come over."

Neighbors said they were relieved no one was injured but said they were still concerned the suspects might return.

"If they know their way around over there I worry about our place," Gintir said. "I'm hoping that it doesn't happen again.

All of the homeowners' items were returned.

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