Upset Parents Say Elk Grove High School Took Hours to Send Message About Gun Found on Campus

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ELK GROVE — There was a major scare for parents in Elk Grove Thursday night after a gun was found hidden under bleachers in a high school gym.

What started out as just a rumor between Elk Grove High School students quickly took a turn for the worse.

“I saw a bunch of crowds gathering outside during lunch and I didn’t know what was going on until last period,” said senior Chloe Espinoza.

Espinoza was inside her high school when police stormed in.

Elk Grove officers responded just before 1 p.m. after getting reports of a student in possession of a firearm.

“I heard some of the students talking about, like, a gun being on campus and I was really confused because I was, like, shouldn’t the school be on locked down?” Espinoza said.

Officers said they searched the student in question but didn’t find a weapon.

However, they later found a handgun and ammunition underneath the bleachers in the school’s gym.

“I was thinking that maybe we should have known a lot earlier in this process,” said parent Cassaundra Gardner.

Parents said an email was sent out just after 3 p.m., alerting them that two 14-year-olds were taken into custody.

“They may not have had all the details but they could have sent some type of message saying, ‘Hey, there’s an emergency at the school. Your children are safe,'” Gardner told FOX40.

Bobby Roots said he didn’t find out about the gun scare until his wife called him while picking their son up from school.

“Is this the end of it? Did they find everybody?” Roots said. “First, they thought they had one suspect, now they have two. What was the motivation behind it and do I have to worry about sending my kids off to school tomorrow?”

An email was sent to parents by Elk Grove High School Principal Eugene Christmas III. He goes on to say, in part:

“The safety of our students and staff is a top priority at our school and we tell our students, staff, parents and community ‘if you see something, or know something, say something.’ We are proud of our students who reported their concern. Out of an abundance of caution, additional officers will remain on campus during dismissal.

Please remind your student that weapons, of any kind, are strictly prohibited on our campus and any student found in possession of a weapon may face consequences up to expulsion and arrest. We are sharing this information with you as part of our ongoing efforts to keep you informed about incidents that affect our campus.”

The two 14-year-olds were still in custody Thursday night. It’s unclear at this time whether they will face any charges.

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