Sierra Travelers Drive Between Walls of Snow

KINGVALE -- Plows cleared up snow-covered roads in the Sierra Sunday.

A line of cars stopped at a chain checkpoint near Cisco Grove could be seen while driving down Interstate 80 toward Reno.

"I’m not thrilled about traveling in snow, I don’t think anybody really is," said Phoenix Masters, who was traveling toward Reno.

Julian Hart was one of dozens of drivers stopping at a chain control checkpoint near Cisco Grove.

"Bring chains, bring a shovel, bring an ice scraper," he said.

Some drivers came prepared and ready for the rough driving conditions in the Sierra.

"We always bring them just in case," Masters told FOX40. "You always want to keep them in your car, you never know what the world's going to throw at you."

Caltrans officials delayed traffic on I-80 throughout the day due to several spinouts.

Gen Oshiro was commuting from the Bay Area to Reno when he says his car lost control and crashed into a snowbank.

"I couldn’t hear anything then the car came across the street and hit the wall on the right side," Oshiro said.

He was not injured in the crash.

Drivers like Hart say it's better to take it slow and steady during inclement weather.

"Always plan for the worse and just hope for the best, right?" Hart said.

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