Modesto Home Damaged by Early Morning Paintballing

MODESTO -- Janeice and Douglas Partridge say Bodega Lane is normally a quiet neighborhood where everyone looks out for each other.

“Ever since my husband has been ill, our neighbors have been there, have always been there for us,” Janeice said.

Janeice is a full-time caregiver to her husband, who is a disabled Navy veteran who suffers from a rare brain disease.

They've lived at their Modesto home for more than a decade.

“This is a good neighborhood here and we don’t have any enemies, never did,” Douglas said.

It’s why the couple say they were shocked to wake up and find out their house had been vandalized early Saturday morning.

“I heard what I thought, it sounded like somebody was pounding on the window trying to break in but it was really rapid,” Janeice said.

At first, they thought their home had been egged, but a neighbor told them their house had been shot up from the street with a high-powered paintball gun.

“I’m surprised the paintball didn’t even break the window,” Douglas said.

More than 20 paintball sized holes, dripping with yellow paint covered the front of the home.

“It wasn’t until late in the morning when I went to take the dog outside did I actually see everything and the damage,” Janeice said.

The force of the paintballs ripped through their window screen, punched holes in their vinyl siding and splattered their front screen door with paint.

“The whole front will have to be taken off and put on new,” Douglas said. “So I would assume it would be thousands (of dollars).”

The Partridges are waiting for their insurance company to come out before they clean up but say they've received a lot of support from inside and out of their community.

“We’re really good about taking care of each other here,” Janeice said. “We’re very, very, fortunate to have the neighbors that we do.”

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