Thousands March through Sacramento on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

SACRAMENTO -- Two separate marches on Martin Luther King Jr. Day converged at the Sacramento Convention Center late Monday morning.

The city-sponsored March for the Dream kicked off in Oak Park and made its way to Sacramento City College, before making its way downtown.

"There's so much going on in the world and our nation's capital that when we think about it from a community level, the changes that we can make, we know that we can reach those changes throughout the nation," Wanda Williams, participating in the March for the Dream, told FOX40.

Meanwhile, a march organized by Black Lives Matter began in East Sacramento and set off toward the convention center. That march was dubbed Reclaim MLK.

"Society tends to paint a certain picture about Martin Luther King and usually it fits whatever narrative you want it to fit," Tanya Faison, founder of the Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter, said. "He was very radical. He was arrested over 30 times during his life and he was killed for the movement, so we are just reminding people of the real reason that he fought."

The Reclaim MLK march didn't ask for a permit from the city but police officers temporarily closed several streets to help the group get to its destination.

Both marches ended up at the Sacramento Convention Center without any issue.

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