AP Classes: Is Your Child Ready for Them?

According to The College Board, more than 2.8 million students take Advanced Placement exams every year in 38 different subjects. Starting in January, students can sign up for fall courses. So, why should a parent encourage their child to take an AP course?
Key Reasons:
  • The college admission advantage
  • The opportunity to save time and money in college.
Completing AP courses and exams distinguishes students in the college application process and admission officers like students who show initiative to learn and take challenging courses. Students who are successful in AP course can also get college credit towards over 3,800 U.S. colleges and universities.

Research shows AP students earn higher college GPAs and have higher graduation rates, compared to their peers who don’t take AP. These students typically graduate in four years, saving fifth-year college costs

This morning at 6:50,  FOX40 will be talking to AP Vice President Terry Redican AP courses and getting extra help to ensure students pass the exams.

For More Information: www.exploreap.org

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