City Council Meeting Abruptly Ends after Mayor Excuses Himself, Crowd Gathers at Podium

SACRAMENTO -- Tuesday evening's Sacramento City Council meeting met an abrupt end after members of the public began shouting at council members.

The tense moments began shortly after Mayor Darrell Steinberg excused himself.

"We do have council comments and then the public testimony is on the agenda and I’m going to excuse myself, OK?" the mayor said. "I have an early flight."

The flight the mayor caught Wednesday was to the United States Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C.

“If the mayor has an engagement and has to leave, that’s what it is. That doesn’t mean that we can’t do our business because we can do our business sans the mayor," Councilman Jeff Harris said.

But a crowd had formed out of order, demanding to be heard and shouting profanity at members of the council.

"People want to hurl f-bombs at us, they’re welcome to do it," Harris told FOX40. "But we have a time limit and if people stand up and start shouting from the audience or shout people down who are speaking at the podium, that’s not acceptable."

The council had delayed a vote on a controversial ordinance that would have banned certain items from public protests.

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