Court Documents Shed Light on Stockton Food Bank Director’s Murder

STOCKTON -- A year after Stockton Emergency Food Bank Director Mike Donaghy was murdered, court documents revealed the suspected killer is accused of using a screwdriver and a knife during what investigators say was a planned burglary.

Donaghy's wife, Debra Donaghy, says the new details have reopened emotional wounds.

"It just brought up the nightmare of last year," she told FOX40.

Debra says investigators have not shared specific details. She only learned what might have happened through court documents.

"It is very difficult and frustrating but that’s the way the process is," she said.

Detectives say the suspected killer, Simon Lua, was just two months shy of his 18th birthday the day of Donaghy's death -- Jan. 4, 2018. They believe he planned the murder.

Debra says she's saddened to wonder how her husband felt during the attack.

"What might have been going through him and how he was feeling as that was all happening," Debra said.

According to records, Lua is accused of breaking into Donaghy's home with the intention to rob him with a knife and screwdriver.

"Very sad for this individual," Debra said. "If he is the one that did attack and murder my husband."

She says if her husband were still alive, he would have been retired and living in Idaho by her side.

Still, Debra does find comfort in how her husband lived and helped feed the community.

"Bread and peanut butter and oranges to the coach, so he could have that in his office at any time to feed his players," she said. "The happiest times he had was at the food bank."

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