North Sacramento Apartment Complex Evacuated Due to Deadly Hazmat Situation

NORTH SACRAMENTO -- Police and fire crews responded to a deadly hazmat situation in North Sacramento Wednesday night.

Hazmat crews were called to a Lampasas Avenue apartment complex at around 5:45 p.m. for elevated levels of carbon monoxide on a bottom floor apartment unit.

Maintenance technician Tim Harrison said he called in Pacific Gas and Electric when he noticed the abnormal readings. Together, they tried to enter one of the units on the bottom floor but no one answered.

"We were trying to get in to check that unit for carbon monoxide and, apparently, I saw him on the floor," Harrison recalled.

A male resident was lying motionless on the floor of his apartment. Emergency crews pronounced him dead at the scene.

"Right now it is still under investigation," said Sacramento Fire Capt. Keith Wade. "I can tell you that there were high levels of carbon monoxide found in that unit."

Neighbor Tee Comauex told FOX40 she just spoke with the man Tuesday night and the discovery of his death has left everyone in the area very shaken up

"It kind of blew my mind and made me all shaky inside 'cause it’s like I was just talking to you," she said.

After assessing the entire building, fire crews said they only found elevated carbon monoxide levels in the unit where the man died. The rest of the complex was ruled safe for re-entry, allowing residents to go back inside their homes.

It's still unclear if the man's apartment had a working carbon monoxide detector. His death remains under investigation.

Stay with FOX40 for more updates.

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