Porch Pirate Makes Off with Backpacks Meant for Local Charity’s Care Packages

ELK GROVE -- Monday afternoon, a UPS driver had just dropped off two packages for JJ's Hello Foundation with family members just inside the residence.

Within seconds of the driver leaving, an individual in a dark hoodie snatched both boxes, running off and jumping into a waiting car.

"We would have never thought that somebody, knowing that people were here, would come up to the door so close and take a package," said JJ's Hello Foundation co-founder Josh Anderson.

Inside those boxes were drawstring backpacks, close to $100 worth. They were essential to the individual care packages the foundation is planning to hand out come Feb. 1.

"They were for us to put these and along with some little instant foods for them, like Cup O Noodles, granola bars, coffee, hot chocolate. Just so they have enough to hold it all," said co-founder Michelle Anderson.

JJ's Hello Foundation hands out care packages, plus clothing and blankets, three times a year. It's a small, grassroots effort run out of the Andersons' Sacramento home.

"We pack all the bags individually, us and when we have people that help out," Josh Anderson said. "We also cook them a home-cooked meal and pass them out a meal too if they want it."

They do it to keep alive the memory of their son JJ, who tragically took his own life three years ago when he was just 12 years old.

JJ would, quite often, go out with his grandmother and hand out money to the homeless.

"So, I figured after he passed away we would continue his journey in helping the homeless," Michelle Anderson said.

"We do it as a family and it's very therapeutic because dealing with the loss of him brought everybody down," Josh Anderson said. "But when we can do this kind of stuff and give back to the community it makes everyone feel better and that's important to us."

Despite what just happened, the family is even more motivated to keep going because JJ would have turned the other cheek and kept on giving.

"He was that good of a person, that regardless of what happened or what you did to him he would have still gave. He would have given back," said Josh Anderson.

If you'd like to help JJ's Hello Foundation in their efforts you can click here.

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