Registered Nurse Caught Selling Opioids on Dark Web, Feds Say

SACRAMENTO -- The arrest of Carrie Markis is coming as a great surprise to those living in her neighborhood.

On the outside, she was a quiet registered nurse with a master's degree from University of California, Davis who never caused any problems.

But according to an affidavit, behind closed doors, she was secretly the mastermind of an illegal online pharmacy.

Federal agents arrested an unlikely criminal; a nurse from a quiet neighborhood in Rancho Cordova accused of selling tens of thousands of opioid prescription pills on the dark web

“When I was taking my dog on a walk, I saw that someone was arrested right over there and there were quite a few federal agents,” said neighbor Sara McNeil.

46-year-old Carrie Alaine Markis faces charges for conspiracy and distribution of fentanyl.

News of her arrest is already striking a nerve in the community, with neighbors saying it’s shocking to think that someone next door could be committing crimes of this magnitude.

“It’s surprising, really. It’s such a safe neighborhood and you never think it could happen,” said McNeil. “But when you’re dealing with something online and they’re not actually dealing with customers in person probably makes them more difficult to catch. Sometimes you really don’t know who your neighbors are.”

Others say they want more explanation as to what happened.

“Who knows her story. She could be down on her luck and need some financial backing. I’m not the guy to judge but it is surprising,” expressed Kevin Stewart.

“I think it can happen anywhere these days because we have a big opiate problem,” said Erica Vandenhaak.

Markis appeared in court briefly Friday afternoon and was ordered to return on Monday.

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