4 Arrested after Robbery, Shooting in Stockton

STOCKTON -- Four people, including two teens, were arrested Saturday in Stockton after police say a robbery turned into an attempted homicide.

Stockton police say officers were already near Grand and Worth streets when they heard gunfire around 2:30 p.m.

"(Our officers) were there within seconds and once they got to that area that's when they saw the four suspects take off running from them," Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva said.

Police say four people stole a man's phone and began shooting at him.

"The victim, fortunately, was able to run away and get to an area where he was safe. And then when he saw what was going on that's when he was able to go back to the officers and said that one of the suspects that we had detained took out a gun fired his weapon at him," Silva said.

Patrick Garduno, 20, (left) and Anival Garduno, 24, (right) (Credit: Stockton Police Department)

Police arrested 24-year-old Anival Garduno and 20-year-old Patrick Garduno along with two teens, ages 16 and 17, Saturday for robbery with a weapon and attempted homicide.

Silva says the situation could have easily turned deadly.

"We're very fortunate that this didn't turn into something worse for our victim," Silva told FOX40. "I'm mean, obviously, an armed robbery, when you're getting shot at is very traumatic but this situation could have turned a lot worse for him."

Investigators say one of the suspects tried to toss the gun while running away.

"If those suspects were able to get away with that firearm and if we weren't able to recover it so quickly, we don't know what those suspects were going to do to someone else in that neighborhood," Silva said.

The Stockton Police Department says it recovers an average of 700 to 800 guns a year.

"Our mission here at the police department right now is to try to get these firearms out of the hands of violent criminals and violent gang members," Silva said.

The four people arrested now face felony charges including robbery, attempted homicide and weapons charges.

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