Mayor Steinberg Proposes Putting $36M Toward City’s Homeless Issue

SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has proposed a plan to put $36 million toward the city's efforts to tackle its homelessness issue.

The plan was released in a statement Tuesday and outlines the mayor's ideas for the city's mid-year budget.

According to the mayor, the city already has $35.1 million "at its disposal," which includes funds from the existing Measure U reserves. His plan would utilize $16 million from city funding, at least $12 million in state resources and $8 million from private funding.

"All of these projects would be funded by existing carry over from the previous budget fiscal year (not new Measure U)," Steinberg wrote.

Steinberg states he is aiming for a reduction in homelessness over the next two years by providing more shelter space for thousands of homeless people.

"To that end, I propose we set-aside $16M of one-time resources into our Homeless Housing Multi-Year Operating Project (MYOP) as part of a two-year plan to shelter 2,400 homeless people per year," his statement reads.

A workshop set for Feb. 12 will detail Steinberg's plans, during which it is expected the City Council will vote on the proposal.

Back in December, the Sacramento City Council voted to keep the Railroad Drive winter triage shelter open an additional six months. Council members were also asked to find sites for smaller shelters for what the mayor has called his "8 x 100 approach."

"I would say there is a homeless problem in every part of the city and better we house and shelter people than have the problem grow in your parks, on your business corridors and in your neighborhoods," the mayor told FOX40 on Tuesday.

Along with the $36 million, the mayor's plan includes $2.1 million to build youth facilities in underserved neighborhoods.

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