Stephon Clark’s Loved Ones ‘Demand Accountability’ on Heels of Lawsuit Announcement

SACRAMENTO -- The family of Stephon Clark was still awaiting a decision from the Sacramento County District Attorney Tuesday regarding whether or not the officers responsible for his death will face any criminal charges.

"We're just still trying to heal. I said earlier, every day I wake up this happened yesterday," said Clark's mother, Sequette. "So whether it be a year or 10 years, my son is dead. I'll never get to kiss his face again, ever."

"If the DA doesn't convict, how does the city step in place to say that's not the style of policing that this community is asking for?" said Pastor Les Simmons with Sacramento Area Congregations. "That's the standard that we have to set as a community."

On Monday, the family filed a civil rights lawsuit against those officers, along with the City of Sacramento. They are seeking $22 million for what they claim is Stephon Clark's wrongful death.

"We want justice," said his brother, Stevante. "We still do demand accountability and no amount of money could ever compensate for what was lost. We would rather have Stephon Clark here with us."

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra released a report Tuesday urging change within the Sacramento Police Department with its use of lethal force and expanding the use of de-escalation tactics to prevent confrontations from becoming deadly.

"The officers involved did not announce themselves prior to my brother being killed," Stevante Clark said. "And my brother never, not once, verbally threatened anyone. And the city failed to properly train their officers in the proper use of lethal force."

"I do feel that justice has not prevailed," Sequette Clark said. "I believe there are steps being taken but I have yet to see them."

"Until we start reshaping the mentality of their training, we're not gonna see any change," said family friend Jamilia Long.

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