Confined to a Wheelchair and in Pain, Rapper Keak Da Sneak Faces Prison Sentence

Update: Charles Williams has been given 60 days to heal, according to his manager, after which he is expected to complete his sentence.

SACRAMENTO -- A legend in the rap community, Charles Williams, known to many as Keak Da Sneak, spends his days confined to a wheelchair.

"I wake up some days and I cry like a baby," Williams said.

Williams spent most of his career collaborating with artists, fronting the group 3X Crazy and coining phrases like "hyphy."

But a big change came in January of 2017 when Williams survived an attempt on his life.

"Somebody tried to rob me in January. I got shot," he told FOX40. "I went and bought an illegal gun. I'm like, man, because I be by myself the majority of the time."

A few months later, he was arrested in Amador County after that gun was found inside his car. Williams was on probation at the time.

But just a short time later, while out on bail, he was shot eight times. It left him physically disabled.

"I’m in pain right now as we speak, a lot of pain," he said.

In just one week, Williams says he is expected to turn himself in to serve a 16-month sentence.

Many say there should be other options for a person in his condition, including house arrest.

"Because when a lot of people see him as that big rap superstar but now watching him being bound to a wheelchair, as well as continuing to say positive messages in this bleak time is more important then him being locked up in a cell," said community activist Berry Accius.

Disability experts say there are hundreds of people with disabilities across the country facing issues like those present in Williams' case.

"A facility really has to consider, under the law, what someone with a disability what they need to have equal access to programs and services," said Tifanei Ressl-Moyer with Disability Rights California.

While Williams said he has no problem doing the time, he wants to ensure he'll get the medical attention he needs while behind bars.

"I just needed a little time to get healthier, that's all," Williams said. "I have no problem doing this time and I really want to get it behind me."

FOX40 reached out to the Amador County District Attorney's office but a spokesperson was not available for comment.

Williams is expected to turn himself in on Feb. 7.

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