Sacramento Mayor, Restaurant Owner Speak Out About ‘Disruptive’ Group from Viral Video

SACRAMENTO -- A day after some diners claim they were denied service at a Sacramento restaurant because their T-shirts displayed support for President Donald Trump's border wall, the owner of that restaurant spoke out along with the mayor.

Ernesto Delgado described what he says happened to his staff Wednesday.

"It was an incident that there was a certain group that came in were a little disruptive with usual service and business as usual. One of the servers, I think, felt intimidated and asked the manager if he could serve the table," Delgado said. "The manager went over to serve the table and they refused service. We serve everyone here."

"Let me make my message as mayor loud and clear, we are a proud city of immigrants," said Mayor Darrell Steinberg. "We are a proud sanctuary city. We welcome people."

The T-shirt wearers, who also had on "Make America Great Again" and Immigration and Customs Enforcement hats, say after the switch in servers they left and posted a now-viral video of La Cosecha's manager following them outside to talk.

Throughout the exchange, they kept saying they were being discriminated against.

The group said they didn't want to come back inside for food because they were "worried about someone spitting in it."

At the restaurant, that group was minus two members because those people had been arrested earlier in the day for trespassing at the governor's mansion during a wall protest there.

After being released from the Sacramento County Jail, Ben Bergquam of the conservative group Frontline America said he would send FOX40 a statement about the incident but never did.

La Cosecha was busy all day Thursday, owners say, with dozens of people coming by to show their support and tell staff how happy they are to have them in the community.

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