First Wave of Electric Scooters Coming to Sacramento Streets on Friday

OAK PARK -- A new form of transportation is coming to Sacramento streets this week.

On Friday, the first wave of 100 electric scooters will be available to rent at Jump Bike racks in Sacramento and West Sacramento.

The company that makes them, Jump, is owned by Uber. Riders can find a shared electric scooter through the Uber app.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg expressed his excitement, saying:

"Shared scooters will give our residents another affordable, green way to get around. I’m particularly proud that we’ve taken the time to learn from the experience of other cities so that we can welcome scooters to Sacramento in a way that best protects our city’s quality of life and the safety of riders, drivers and pedestrians."

In hopes of avoiding problems other cities faced with regulation and safety, the city is trying to be proactive.

The scooters must be parked at bike racks and it will be illegal to ride them on sidewalks.

"My only concern would be is people being more aware on the streets," said Anthony Vizcarra.

Vizcarra, who works at midtown restaurant Buckhorn Grill, said despite his concerns, he's optimistic about the new, affordable way for people to enjoy Sacramento.

"I think it would be a lot better for business," he said. "People can get around places quicker, especially within midtown and little areas like this. You can get to business to business to business, roll around with your friends and everything."

The scooters go 15 mph and will cost 15 cents per minute.

On Tuesday, the city will be discussing its ordinance for electric scooters during a special meeting at 1 p.m.

Then on Friday, there will be helmet giveaways to go along with the launch of the scooters. One will be held at Old Soul on Broadway from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Free coffee will be available. The second will be held at The Barn in West Sacramento from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., where free stroopwafels will be offered.

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