Investigation Finds Folsom Seventh-Grader was Not Being Bullied When Pushed Into Pole

FOLSOM — An independent investigation found a Folsom Middle School student’s actions were not racially motivated when the student pushed a fellow classmate into a pole back in November.


Kindra Miller told FOX40 her son Titus had to be hospitalized after his head was slammed into a metal pole during a school field trip on Nov. 2. The student who did it, she says, had a history of bullying Titus, which included the use of racial comments.

“Hearing that your son has a brain bleed, of course, you think of the absolute worst at that moment,” Miller told FOX40.

With the support of community members, including the NAACP, Miller demanded action be taken by the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, which ordered an independent, third-party investigation.

FCUSD revealed the findings of the investigation on Monday.

The district stated while the student who “intentionally pushed” Titus did violate their policies regarding physical violence, no policies prohibiting bullying were violated. Furthermore, the actions were not found to be racially motivated, according to the investigation.

In response to the incident, FCUSD says it will be adjusting certain policies and field trip safety protocols.

At the time of the incident, Titus’ family hired an attorney, who said they would be considering legal action. A criminal investigation had already been launched.

The student who injured Titus transferred schools in December.

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