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Paradise Town Council Holds Meeting on Housing

PARADISE -- The Paradise Town Council held a meeting Monday morning to discuss housing as the devastated community continues to move forward after the Camp Fire.

The council is expected to discuss Housing Ordinance 573, which town officials say was meant to alleviate the housing shortage in Paradise in the fire's aftermath.

Now, officials want to make sure properties are actually safe to live on as people return.

A new ordinance says an RV cannot be on a property until the debris is removed, drawing ire from some neighbors who had just moved back onto their properties.

FEMA said in order for them to pay for debris removal on private property, which will cost $1.7 billion, it has to be based on public health and safety emergency.

If people move back in before it's safe to do so, FEMA said it would not pay for debris removal -- which the town can't afford.

"We gotta get our town cleaned up," said Councilman Michael Zuccollillo. "And I feel like we have a financial gun to our head."

Town officials are working with the state to find temporary housing sites until debris is removed.

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