Two Women Take Employee’s Wallet from Behind Tracy Shop Counter

TRACY -- Alyssa Chao works at Bellissima Boutique in downtown Tracy, a shop her aunt has owned for years.

She's helped hundreds of customers but after the past weekend she'll never forget two particular women.

"They were really sweet when they came in. I had no reason to even expect that they were going to do something like that," Chao explained.

What started as a typical Saturday shift quickly turned criminal.

In a shop full of clothes and jewelry, it was Chao's wallet that was stolen from behind the register by the two thieves, who had retail workers on high alert.

"I was helping one woman at the front of my store while another woman was walking around the store," Chao said. "Both women were talking with me the entire time, so I didn’t suspect anything."

The women accused of orchestrating the theft. (Courtesy: Bellissima Boutique)

While she was out front helping one woman, the other woman was in the back, supposedly trying on a top. Instead, the brazen bandit snuck behind the front counter and went directly for her purse with her wallet inside.

"I felt really violated because this is my place of work. It’s a family run and owned business," Chao told FOX40.

Nothing else was taken. The women were in and out in around 10 minutes.

It wasn't until closing that Chao realized something was wrong.

"I went to the back to grab my purse and it didn’t feel right," she said. "It felt light, too light. I looked in and my wallet was missing."

She immediately called her bank to cancel her cards and learned the women already attempted to make several purchases.

"They had attempted $300 on my debit card at CVS and then on my credit card they attempted $600 and then $300 at Safeway," Chao said.

Luckily for Chao, the charges didn't go through. She is hoping someone will recognize the women and turn them in, in case the next person is not as lucky.

"Everyone is keeping an eye out for you. Everyone is watching. What you have done has impacted both myself, my family," Chao said. "Tracy is a small town, it’s a small, close-knit community. So we probably will find you."

The theft has been reported to Tracy police who are looking into the case.

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