Neighbors in Foothills Pitch In to Help Clean Up after Storm

PLACERVILLE -- With this week's storm more or less over, neighbors in foothill communities pitched in to help each other clean up.

Several sprang into action after a fairly large tree fell onto Newton Road in Placerville.

"When we pulled up here, everybody was telling us to turn around and there was a couple of guys with chainsaws so we just got out and got everything out of the way," neighbor Mitch Boxwell said.

Within minutes Boxwell and a few others had the tree cut up and moved away, allowing a row of waiting cars to pass.

Several inches of snow fell Monday night into Tuesday morning in Placerville.

In Pollock Pines, more a foot of snow had fallen. Digging out was a common sight off Sly Park Road.

"It’s fun. I'll probably go grab my skis and start skiing down the back yard right now," Matt Cathey said, shoveling snow.

But with all the powder, it was inevitable for some to become stuck in it. That's where Wes Wilson and his crew come in.

"A lot of the recoveries up here we will just use a toe strap or a kinetic rope," Wilson said. "If it’s really bad we will use the winch."

Wilson manages the NorCal 4x4 Facebook group and says he'll use his offroad vehicle to bring help to anyone who needs it -- free of charge.

"In general, off-road guys are pretty helpful," he said. "We have a saying, 'No man left behind.' So, even if it's the general public, we like to help out as much as we can."

But it wasn't completely "all work and no play" on Tuesday. Back in Placerville, 6-week-old puppies Moose and Duke had their first roll-around in the snow.

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