Some Neighbors Worry New East Sac Restaurant May Create Parking Problems

SACRAMENTO -- A popular Sacramento breakfast restaurant has opened a new, second location in an area not known for having an abundance of parking.

Neighbors now worry the new Bacon & Butter could make parking even more scarce in its East Sacramento neighborhood.

"I was wondering when I saw it going in how it’s all going to work out with the parking situation," neighbor Mohey McWhorter said.

The restaurant's owner, Billy Zoellin, doesn't believe the problem will be as bad as some think.

"We by no means are looking to bombard the neighborhood and clog up the streets," Zoellin said.

Zoellin says grew up in East Sacramento and added he is just trying to fill a void on J Street.

"I’ve coached a lot of the kids in the neighborhood I know a lot of the parents, this neighborhood needs a restaurant to eat at," he said. "We’re locally homegrown, Sacramento natives, I live down the street."

Still, Zoellin says he understands his neighbors are frustrated Bacon & Butter's new J Street location has no parking lot of its own -- a problem he's working on solutions for.

"We're trying to work out a couple of deals with a couple of our locals with parking lots," he told FOX40.

But with so many parking restrictions, customers may flood into nearby residential streets.

"As you can see, we are totally packed right now, it was hard to find a parking spot for my other car," neighbor Chris Hauder said.

Hauder lives two blocks away from Bacon & Butter and says he's looking forward to walking to the new restaurant.

"It's bacon and butter. Those are two of my favorite things," Hauder said. "You know, the parking thing, we've got to all deal with it. That's just something you sign up for when you live in East Sac."

Many businesses on J Street have tow-away warning signs in their parking lot, but Zoellin believes it should still be relatively easy for customers to find parking.

Customers could also visit the Bacon & Butter on the eastern end of Broadway, which does have its own parking lot.

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