Union Asks State Superintendent to Investigate Sacramento City Unified School District

SACRAMENTO -- The union representing teachers, counselors and nurses at the Sacramento City Unified School District have asked State Schools Chief Tony Thurmond to investigate the financial practices by the beleaguered district.

Independent auditors have said that if the district doesn’t erase a $30 million deficit by November that the state could take over the operation of the district from the school board.

Among the complaints is that district Superintendent Jorge Aguilar is still associated with the University of California, Merced, which has a multi-million dollar data sharing contract with the district.

The district says the claims are baseless and that it's a diversion from efforts to save money, including negotiating concessions from its unions. It says Aguilar’s connection with the university is a 5 percent association with the school and was welcomed and beneficial for students in the district seeking to enter college.

During the review process to adjust the budget, each side has accused the other of delays in time-sensitive discussions and a lack of cooperation.

At a Thursday school board meeting, the union is required to layout areas of its contract that could be negotiable. But the union has also said the current contract negotiated just a year ago has not been fully implemented and wants to make that a condition before further talks occur.

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