Local Pet Owner Thankful after Her Dog was Rescued, Revived by Firefighters

SACRAMENTO -- A Carmichael homeowner and her caretaker lost most of their belongings in a fire Wednesday night, but they’re still grateful because what was most important, made it out OK.

As the home went up in flames, Pamela Farmer’s first focus was getting the 90-year-old woman she cares for out of the house.

"Grabbed her wheelchair, put her in it," Farmer said. "As I was going out the door I’m thinking, 'I’m forgetting something, I’m forgetting something.' And then I remembered, ‘Oh my God, what about Dicky?'"

Her 3-year-old dog, Dicky, was left inside.

Firefighters rushed in and found Dicky under Farmer’s mattress but it wasn’t looking good.

"It was heart-wrenching. I thought, 'God, I don't think he's going to be alive.' " Farmer recalled. "He was very limp. His tongue was hanging out, his eyes were rolled back, covered in smoke."

But firefighters wouldn’t give up. They gave Dicky CPR for roughly 10 minutes, feeding him oxygen throughout the ordeal.

"We kind of do what we do with a human. We check for vitals. We try and revitalize his heart and we did that through chest compressions. And then we provide them oxygen with one of our pet masks that we get donated to us," said Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department spokesman Chris Vestal.

Finally, Dicky’s heart started beating again.

"They came out and they did exactly what we’d expect them to do or any of our people to do in any case and that's to save a life. And that makes us all feel good," Vestal said.

Dickey was safe and back with his owner Sunday night. Farmer said he was “eating, playing, running into the wall" again.

The house had extensive fire and smoke damage. But still, Farmer said she was "very thankful to the firemen for reviving [Dicky] and saving him."

"He’s my best friend."

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