Affordable Housing Development Planned for Downtown Stockton

STOCKTON -- New affordable housing could soon be coming to Stockton.

The city and developer Visionary Home Builders have been working together on the project for years.

"It's a very exciting project because we’re going to combine everything from housing to commercial space, where we’re hoping to bring in a grocery store as well as it’s a partnership with the city to improve Miner, El Dorado and Hunter streets," Visionary Home Builders CEO Carol Ornelas said.

Ornelas says the applications have been submitted and now all they can do is wait to see if they will be awarded more than $9 million to go toward the new development.

Grand View Village will feature 19,000 square feet of retail space, 64 new apartment units -- ranging in size from studios to three bedrooms -- and new roads and infrastructure along Miner Avenue.

"Every household will have a bus pass to use transportation because this is part of the affordable housing and sustainable communities is to get people walking instead of using their cars," Ornelas said.

The developer also plans to bring a new grocery store downtown.

"Part of a sustainable community is making sure there is healthy food available, and what happened with a ton of low-income families is they don’t have access to affordable food, good, quality food such as meats and fresh vegetables," Ornelas said.

Samuel Vasquez, who owns the neighboring Black Rose Tattoo parlor, says he wouldn't mind a grocery store moving in across the street.

"People are always wanting to go to the store and buy what they need while they're waiting and vice versa. You know, we go on lunch, we get hungry, so we can go to the store to buy what we need," he said.

But what Vasquez says he's most looking forward to is all of the people the project could bring.

"It will bring a lot more business, a lot more people will come down here," Vasquez said. "It changes the look, the image. Less people will be afraid of coming down here, obviously, if it’s cleaner and a nicer look."

Ornelas says if everything goes according to plan, they could break ground in early 2020.

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