Fan First to Tweet News About Giants Potentially Signing Bryce Harper

SACRAMENTO -- The San Francisco Giants are in talks with outfielder Bryce Harper, hoping to sign the six-time all-star and former MVP for the Washington Nationals.

For baseball insiders, it is old news but last week a Sacramento man may have been the first to break that story.

Lifelong Giants fan Ronny Cobb never thought he would have one of this off-season’s biggest scoops. But his tweet last Monday was exactly that.

"It was just like shocking. It didn’t hit me at once," he told FOX40.

Cobb, who now lives in Sacramento, grew up in the East Bay as a Giants fan.

"We went to Candlestick all the time, braved the cold wind," Cobb recalled.

So last week, when he went to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl he immediately recognized Giants CEO Larry Baer walking around the Bellagio Hotel.

"So I walk up to him, 'Hi, do you happen to be Larry Baer?'" Cobb explained. "He’s like, 'Yeah, yeah.' He was super nice, one of the nicest guys I’ve met."

The two chatted baseball for half a minute. Baer thanked him for being a fan and made a promise about next season.

"He’s like, 'Oh, we’ll be back to Providence soon.' He’s like, 'We’re making some moves,'" Cobb said.

Cobb asked him for a picture and Baer obliged.

It was shortly after that Cobb put two and two together and realized why Baer might be in Las Vegas.

"Harper is from Vegas and he has to be here. It’s like after the Super Bowl, it’s like Monday night, it’s like midnight," Cobb said. "So it was like midnight at the Bellagio and he’s carrying his luggage around. So I was like, 'Dude, he has to be here for, like, Bryce Harper.'"

Texting the photograph to friends and tweeting to Giants beat writers he wrote, "Dude, just met Larry Behr (sic) at the Bellagio last night. Maybe he’s in town for Bryce?!?!"

Exactly 24 hours later, baseball insiders also reported the story.

Harper did meet with Baer and other Giants team executives. They began working out a deal to potentially sign the free agent.

"And then the next day after that national media breaks it and all the beat writers are like, 'Oh, we should have listened to you,'" Cobb said.

It’s a potential move Cobb told FOX40 he was pumped for, hoping the Giants and Harper could work something out.

"I love him. The guy is one of the best players out there and his charisma is off the charts," Cobb said.

If Harper signs with the Giants, Cobb hopes he may reward him for being the first to break the story.

"He has to take us out to lunch or something," Cobb said.

The Vegas oddsmakers believe Harper will become a Giant. According to the online gambling service BetOnline, odds have Harper going to San Francisco at even money. The San Diego Padres are the next best odds, favored at 5 to 2.

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