Pollock Pines Still Dealing with Outages

POLLOCK PINES -- Pacific Gas and Electric reported Monday morning that hundreds of customers were without power in the Pollock Pines area.

"Power was supposed to be on at 8 o'clock last night and it's still not on," Pollock Pines neighbor Heidi Keisler said.

She and her two daughters went to Safeway Monday morning because her refrigerator wasn't working without power and the food inside was starting to go bad.

"We don’t have a generator, we just have a fireplace and we don't have a heater. So at night we have been putting on extra blankets and everybody has been sleeping in the same bed to try to snuggle and keep warm," Keisler said.

PG&E told FOX40 they expect to have power restored in most parts of the area by the evening.

A spokesperson for the utility said the biggest challenges for crews have been icy road conditions and trees that had fallen onto power lines. Those conditions also forced Pollock Pines Elementary School district schools to close.

"All last week they went to school one day and then today they got called out," Keisler said. "You know they get restless and don't have anything to do. They can play with their toys but we don't have, like, our house doesn't sit in sunlight, so there's not a lot of light for them to play with."

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