With More Snow in the Forecast Some Sierra Residents are Getting Overwhelmed

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SODA SPRINGS -- Around 10 to 20 feet of snow has piled up in the Donner Summit area.

In the Serene Lakes neighborhood of Soda Springs, two-lane roads were down to one lane Monday.

The snow was all the way up to the utility lines. Some homes in the area were barely visible.

People who live in Serene Lakes told FOX40 they knew what they signed up for when they moved to the area but what they have experienced so far this season has been over the top.

"It's been obnoxious. You kind of have lost track of it at this point," said resident Keith Casey.

Casey was glad he bought a blower powerful enough the throw the snow higher than the berms on either side of his driveway.

"You look up going, 'Wow, this might be hard,'" he said. "Yesterday during the snow, it took me two hours to get the berm and the driveway done."

For professional snow plow drivers, the mountains were the major leagues.

"It's an around the clock job but we're getting caught up," said one driver.

However, the forecast was calling for several more feet of snow this week.

Mounds of snow were taking up many parking spaces and sometimes there was just nowhere else to put it. The Donner Summit gas station has enough property for it but they were at the point where they had to stack the snow vertically.

"So there'll be like 20-foot gorges just outside this building that'll be completely filled and we'll be driving over it in 5-ton loaders," said gas station owner Stewart Wells. "And I'm like, 'Wow, I'm 20 feet above the ground right now packing snow.'"

Caltrans and other Tahoe area public works crews have been hauling dump trucks full of snow out of parking lots and taking them to designated "snow dumps" in the region, where they can eventually melt safely.

For an economy built on snow, has it been too much?

"It can be too much of a good thing because when the roads close like they did yesterday and the day before nobody can make it up here. So, essentially, the commerce stops," Wells told FOX40.

But skiers and snowboarders who were already on the mountain said they were loving it.

"It's all worth it, I'd say. One hundred percent," Casey said.

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