Folsom State Prison Sergeant Helps Rescue CDCR Pregnant Employee after Crash

Just after midnight on a drive home from work, a Folsom State Prison Sergeant helped rescue a Mule Creek State Prison employee after a car crash.

When Sgt. Jesse Camp came across the crash scene,  he noticed the two-vehicle crash involved an on-duty CDCR employee.

“The cars ahead of me were slowing down and driving around the involved vehicles,” Camp told Inside CDCR. “There was a white car facing oncoming traffic that was wrecked and a large truck that was in the intersection.”

Camp pulled over and jumped into action.

The airbags in the car were deployed so, initially, he couldn’t see who was inside the smashed vehicle. Once he was able to push the airbags aside, he saw the correctional officer lying across the two front seats.

Camp said the officer seemed “dazed and confused.”

At first when camp told the officer he was a Folsom State Prison Sergeant, she didn’t believe him.

Camp told Inside CDCR he had to get his uniform out of his truck and put it on to prove his identity to the officer.

“The officer looked at my uniform and name tag and then said, ‘I think I’m OK,’” Camp told Inside CDCR. “I said that was good and asked where the inmate was. She said there wasn’t an inmate.”

The officer was acting as an emergency response chase car for an inmate being transported to UC Davis Medical Center. No one else was in the patrol car with her at the time of the accident.

When medical first responders arrived, the officer revealed she was pregnant. She was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released. CDCR says the officer and the baby are OK.

The other driver involved was also treated for injuries.

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