Driver Hospitalized after Tree Falls onto Car in Loomis

LOOMIS -- A driver was hospitalized Thursday after a tree fell on top of her car along King Road in Loomis.

"I answered the phone telling my mommy, 'Happy Valentine's Day, mommy!' And I heard her crying in the back and telling me she had just been in a car accident," said Ashley Summers.

Only minutes after the terrifying incident, Summer's mother, Chris Hebard-Summers, was on the phone with her daughter while she was still trapped inside her SUV.

A large tree had started to fall right in the path of Hebard-Summers as she was on her way to work just past 7:30 a.m.

"And so she hit the brakes and she held onto the steering wheel as tight as she could and closed her eyes and heard the tree fall on the car," Summers recalled.

Disoriented for a moment, Hebard-Summers gathered her thoughts and told her daughter what she was facing.

"The steering wheel was on her knees and she could see the power lines had fallen and they were sparking on the roof of her car," Summers said.

Within minutes, first responders were on the scene. But because of the live power lines dangling near her vehicle, they had to wait for Pacific Gas and Electric crews to shut the power off.

"We had to stay back and make sure that everybody else was in the vicinity of the vehicle," said South Placer Fire Capt. Donavon Gray.

Around 30 minutes after the accident, first responders were able to get Hebard-Summers out of her car and on the way to the hospital, where her daughter was already waiting.

Doctors determined her only injury was a broken wrist. She'll have surgery Friday but, otherwise, she is OK and lucky to be alive.

"The first responders were telling her how lucky she was, even though in the moment she probably didn't feel that lucky," her daughter said.

Summers said her mother will be back to work by Tuesday.

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