Newsom Visits Devastated Magalia Community, Announces Legislation to Help Rebuild

MAGALIA -- Speaking in front of kids at Pine Ridge Elementary School in Magalia, Governor Gavin Newsom announced Thursday new legislation which he says will help rebuild the communities of Magalia and Paradise.

“Put on my desk quite literally yesterday, legislation that would fulfill a commitment we made to you to have your back,” Newsom said.

The emergency bills backfill local property taxes in order to provide funding to local governments and school districts.

It’s money Magalia residents like Lynda Ziviello-Howell say is desperately needed.

“It sure won’t hurt,” she said.

But she says what she and her 11-year-old daughter, Liliana, who goes to Pine Ridge, really need is to be able to get back to their property.

“Phase One isn’t even done in old Magalia where we live. I mean there’s trees, we couldn’t even park on the street if we wanted,” Ziviello-Howell said.

It’s an issue Governor Newsom and other lawmakers say they’re working on.

“It’s all gone, it’s just rubble, just pull a trailer in and I’ll go back to living,” Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Tehama, said. “That’s a simple way to look at it.”

Nielsen represents the Paradise area and is urging everyone to be patient.

“The hazardous waste and the despoiling of the land and the properties, you have to be careful,” he said.

Newsom says the money from his bills will also help speed up that process.

“If we approve the budget, we’re going to waive all of the local, traditionally assessed local responsibility for debris removal, which we anticipate is $146 million,” Newsom said.

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