Travelers Headed Toward Lake Tahoe Urged to Turn Around By Those Already Stuck in Traffic

PLACERVILLE -- As traffic backs up along Highway 50, travelers like Chris Nash are stopping at a gas station just outside of Pollock Pines.

“We waited in traffic for an hour and a half earlier, about 2 O’clock, then we came back here,” Nash said.

Nash and his family were headed to their Lake Tahoe hotel reservation when they were forced to turn around due to heavy traffic.

“We’re stuck and we can’t get up there and they don’t want to refund us,” Nash said.

California Highway Patrol Placerville posted on social media Friday night, warning drivers to “stop driving up here from out of town.” They went on to say, “we can’t handle the amount of vehicles coming up and getting stuck.”

“It’s not bad, you know, traveling with friends,” said Jordan Bruaex.

Bruaex is one of those drivers heading toward Tahoe from Fairfield, just finding out CHP officials estimate it could take anywhere from 8-10 hours.

“Wow, we didn’t know that. We weren’t prepared for that but I guess we are going to prepare now,” Bruaex said.

“I did see the warnings,” said Karina Brown traveling from San Francisco. “But yes, we are going to turn around and go back home but at least we got to enjoy something.”

As snow continues to fall, these travelers have a warning for others planning their weekend getaway in Lake Tahoe.

“Turn around and go home,” Jerry Lohrne stated.

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