Snow Surprises Auburn Residents as it Lightly Falls in the Area

AUBURN -- At just over 1,200 feet in elevation, residents don’t see snow in Auburn too often. So, even just a light dusting is pretty exciting for locals.

On a trek to Tahoe to play in the snow, the Prado family was able to pull over for a snowball fight much sooner than usual.

“It’s pretty cool and fun. We don’t really get to see snow where we live at,” exclaimed 9-year-old Maribel Prado.

There wasn't a ton of snow but there was enough to cover windshields.

“What I love about it is the quiet. It makes the sound muffled. Everything is like a blanket of white, it’s pretty awesome,” said Daryl Grigsby.

Big rigs lined the highway from Auburn to Applegate where chain controls were required for truck drivers.

Road conditions get worse as you get higher up the hill.

“It’s great as long as I don’t have to shovel it,” said Kirk Harrison.

Harrison is stocking up on wood in Colfax just in case there are outages.

“When it snows this much the tree branches get heavy and they take down the power lines and such,” he said.

He’s thankful to still have power for now and for all this snow.

“These last few years, this is probably the most we’ve seen in this area. It’s good for the local businesses, and so that’s the good thing,” Harrison said.

While people who live in Auburn are happy to have seen the snow in their area at all, they’re hoping to get another round of it before the season is over.

Google Map for coordinates 38.896565 by -121.076890.

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