Man Arrested after Placer County Chase Ends in Fiery Crash

MEADOW VISTA -- Sheriff's deputies in Placer County arrested a man Tuesday morning after a chaotic chase and crash.

Investigators say 31-year-old Brian Knee was able to steal the truck from a job site in Rocklin. Little did he know, there was a GPS system in the truck and wouldn't be able to get very far.

"They were able to guide our units, placer county units, to the vehicle fairly easily," said CHP Officer Chris Nave.

When CHP officers caught up to Knee he was almost 40 miles away near Gold Run. That's when he decided to turn around and drive westbound, reaching speeds of 100 mph as he fled from officers into Meadow Vista.

"Then he's driving on the wrong side of the road, passing over double yellows into oncoming traffic," Nave told FOX40. "So, obviously, he puts everyone else in peril by behaving in such a manner."

The CHP says the pursuit of the truck came to a fiery end when Knee hit a train tie, swerved sideways and crashed.

However, the pursuit did not end with the crash.

The suspect decided to get out of the car, run through a garden and hop over a small wired fence. That's when a K-9 caught up to him.

The officers used their tasers to finally arrest Knee, ending a wild chase the chp says could have turned out a lot worse.

The sheriff's office said several deputies and CHP officers were injured during the chase and were treated at a nearby hospital. None of the injuries were described as serious.

"We are very grateful and pleased that no one else was injured," Nave said. "You know, when somebody does this they are taking everyone else's lives into their hands and it's just a reckless thing. It's dangerous."

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