Oakdale Officer, Wayward Pet Duck Become Fast Friends

OAKDALE -- Oakdale Police Officer Chelsie Stillwell has dealt with the worst of the worst, but she says nothing could have prepared her for an encounter she had last Thursday.

"He wanted to come with me and in fact, he did. He went on two calls for service with me," Stillwell said.

Stillwell, a seven-year veteran of the Oakdale Police Department, was responding to a call when she met 2-foot-tall Ted.

"He was very intelligent, he's a very special duck," she told FOX40. "I've met many animals in my life, in my career, I’ve never met an animal like Ted."

Ted waddled right up to Stillwell and stayed in the back of her patrol car until a little investigating led the officer to Ted's humans.

"'This is Officer Stillwell with Oakdale PD, this is going to sound odd but do you have a duck?'" Stillwell remembers asking.

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Ted's owner, Lydia Fields, says a storm blew her backyard fence open that day, allowing the duck to escape.

It actually isn't the first time the mallard has gotten out.

"He went under the fence and just wanted to play with the neighbor's cat," Fields said.

Fields told FOX40 Ted joined their family back in November. She borrowed the neighbor's kiddie pool and Ted -- or Tedward -- made himself at home.

"He'll come inside, sleep in the laundry room, and sometimes watch TV with me," Fields said.

FOX40 tried to ask Ted why he left on his Valentine's Day adventure, but his bill is sealed.

As for Stillwell, she and Ted are getting along swimmingly — even if he did break the law that day.

"He didn't do anything except for jaywalk," she said.

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