Snow Piles Up in Lower Elevations

PLACERVILLE -- With snow from earlier in the week, there were mounds of it piled high in El Dorado County.

On Wednesday afternoon, it came down at around 4,000 feet.

Pollock Pines resident Dave Turnboo said he hasn't seen this kind of low snow and so much of it since the '60s.

His friend, Dale, has lived in Pollock Pines for the past 17 years. He said locals take mounds of snow in stride, even though it takes a lot of work.

"It took me six hours to dig my car out of the first storm," he said. "The next day it took me three hours because it snowed again that night."

At the 2,000-foot elevation in Placerville, residents saw their fair share as well.

"It was hailing and then snowing, pretty hard. It got kind of slushy but it looks like it all melted now," said Outingdale resident Kirstine Bowers.

By early evening, only traces of snow still stuck to some cars downtown.

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