Local 4th Graders Bring the Past to Life for Black History Month

SACRAMENTO -- History come to life in the form of 100 4th-graders assuming the roles of famous African-Americans.

The Maeola Beitzel Elementary students researched their roles and performed them wax museum style for the rest of the school.

This Black History month celebration was organized by a collaboration of fourth grade teachers including Olurami Wright.

“Now the people are really meaningful to them,” she said.

Wright says that while she was bursting with pride and excitement to see, not just the performers but student attendees so engage, she was also inspired by what she hopes comes next, integrating knowledge of black history into daily lives for more than just one month a year.

“It opens up conversations at home, I was speaking with a parent who said it was a really good opportunity to go down another conversation,” Wright said.

The creative, confidence, and depth of knowledge of the students was admirable. So, how did they go about becoming some of America’s great and often unsung heroes?

“On the computer it barely had any information so, I went in an old picture book and it had all the information,” said Nevaeh Thurman who represented Harriet Tubman. “I actually felt like a teacher, it actually felt good.”

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