Sacramento City Schools Superintendent ‘Not Curling Up’ in Face of Deficit, Potential Teachers Strike

SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento City Unified School District is facing a $35 million deficit and possible teachers strike but on Friday, Superintendent Jorge Aguilar made his message clear to Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce members.

"As long as we remain committed to upending the system I'm not curling up," he said.

Thursday night, the district's board of education voted to cut an estimated $5 million in staffing and reduce early childhood programming.

"Over the next few weeks, we will continue to take action," Aguilar said. "We've made a commitment to close the deficit entirely."

Sacramento City Teachers Association President David Fisher says the union isn't satisfied seeing the only cuts being made are to teachers.

"What we saw and what they put out to the community was cuts to 150 educators that directly deal with students and we didn't see any plan to cut administration at all," Fisher said.

Right now, teachers union members are voting on whether to authorize their board to call for a district-wide strike if the district "continues its unlawful behavior," the union says.

"We will continue to communicate to them that whether it's a strike, whether it's a state takeover, these are all things we don’t think are going to helpful or valuable to our students," Fisher said.

The state’s fiscal crisis management assistance team projects the district would be out of money by November. That means the board of education would lose authority and Aguilar would be without a job.

Aguilar hopes he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

"I committed to at least 10 years," he said. "My youngest daughter is the class of 2027 and I'm looking forward to that day and if I'm honored to be able to be on that stage and celebrate with her."

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