Modesto Man Catches, Confines Thief Who Ran Off with Woman’s Purse

MODESTO – Julian Surall didn’t even think twice before running out of his job to help a stranger; after all, his heroism helped put a criminal behind bars.

Surall now has a pin of recognition presented to him by the Modesto Police Department.

It was given to him Friday while he was working at Ike’s Sandwich Shop.

The 24-year-old had just started his day when he took the phrase “customer service” to another level.

“My coworker says, ‘Julian look,’ and I look and dude is running away with her purse,” Sarell explained.

Surall says he saw a man, now identified as Stephen Bartlett, wrestling with a woman over her purse.

The suspect ran away but that didn’t stop Surall who says he chased after the suspect for several blocks.

“He hopped the fence and he thought he lost me,” he said.

Surall was finally able to catch the suspect, holding him down until police arrived to make an arrest.

Modesto police posted a picture of Julian on their Facebook page Saturday, along with the pin, thanking him for his heroism.

When asked if he’d consider becoming a police officer, Surall responded, “that’ll have to be something I look in to.”

Surall is just thankful for the pin of recognition.

“I’ll give it to my mom, moms are good at keeping stuff for you,” he said.

Along with the fact that he was there to help a stranger in need, Surall says “the best thing was when I came back the woman said, ‘you’re my hero.’ Yes, that’s pretty dope.”

Surall says he’s grateful the suspect didn’t have a weapon.

Bartlett is being held in the county jail where he faces robbery charges.

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