Officials Launch Arson Investigation after 3 Cars Burned in Citrus Heights Neighborhood

CITRUS HEIGHTS -- Officials in Citrus Heights are investigating an arson after three cars were found scorched on a quiet neighborhood street.

It happened outside homes on Mauana Way near Sayanora Drive in Citrus Heights around 1:30 a.m.

Mark Haughton parks his car on that street every day. He first spotted the scorched cars a few doors down from his home Sunday morning.

"I drove by it and I had to back up and look at it 'cause it really shocked me," he told FOX40.

Haughton did not hear the fire crews outside his home but another neighbor said he woke up early in the morning to flames ripping through his neighbors' cars parked across the street.

"It was getting bigger and it was exploding," the neighbor said. "I tried putting it out but we took the whole fire extinguisher and it didn’t put it out."

When the flames didn’t die down he says he called for help. Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District officials rushed to put out the flames.

"My brother said he heard an explosion and he heard a car drive away," one neighbor told FOX40.

Officials believe the fire started in one car before igniting the others.

Neighbors said they were thankful the fire did not spread to homes.

"You think about the door on your house and how fast that went up, I mean, it would probably burn down one of these old houses here real quick," a neighbor said.

Metro Fire officials say they are still investigating the exact cause of the blaze. They are asking anyone who has any information or video that may help their investigation to contact the fire department or police.

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