Human Remains Found in Wooded Area of Roseville

ROSEVILLE -- A wooded area off Roseville's Riverside Avenue has revealed a secret investigators say has been kept for about two years.

A man's remains were found on forested private property well behind a popular BMX facility.

"There were no initial signs that showed us how this individual passed away or deceased," said Roseville Police Department spokesman Rob Baquera.

The remains were found two weeks ago.

"They have been working through the investigative process," Baquera said. "It's a wide open area and they wanted to make sure they were able to get all of the evidentiary value out of the area before we put the release out. And I think that's a bit where we are now today is looking for the public'a help for information about how this individual ended up there."

The bones are thought to belong to a man who was around 6 feet 2 inches tall. No clothing or other items were located with him. Initial reports that he had dark hair may have been premature.

"We did find some, what we believe to be, hair follicles associated with this individual and we're in the process of testing to see if we can positively identify hair color or length," Baquera told FOX40.

There is a lot of speculation in the community surrounding the remains but as of right now, investigators say they showed no obvious signs of foul play.

"Once this individual is positively identified it's going to be closure for a family whose loved one potentially has been missing for some time," Baquera said.

The Roseville Police Department is checking to see if the remains match any missing person listed in the city or the surrounding area.

The Placer County Coroner's Office and Chico State anthropology program will be searching the property to see if they can uncover any additional information about his death. If you know anything about the identity of the man or what may have caused his death you are asked to email Detective Marks at

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